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Obama duplicity leaves Israel imperiled - Palestinians pressing UN statehood vote
September 20, 2011
Declaration Alliance


URGENT UPDATE: Obama and his administration are scrambling to avoid complete diplomatic humiliation next week at the UN, yet in an incredible failure of both leadership and strategic wisdom, they continue down a path certain to reduce America's prestige, and certain to increase Israel's peril. Congressional Republican and other defenders of Israel's right to exist are properly excoriating Obama for his apparent incompetence – or amateurish Machiavellianism – in ever having allowed the dangerous, inflammatory Palestinian statehood vote to gain such traction and proceed this week in New York at the General Assembly.


"Up until the past week or 10 days the administration has done precious little diplomatically to head off this Palestinian effort to get itself declared a state…"said former UN ambassador John Bolton. He contends the Obama administration has left the impression with the global community that "it is really not that opposed to what the Palestinians are trying to do."

Other governments are therefore interpreting U.S. "inaction as really an unwillingness to cause itself political trouble, so they would be just as happy if the UN declared Palestine a state, then they wouldn't have to take the lead on it."

The Palestinian Authority is relentless in its demands upon the international community, and trying to mollify its extremism and corruption has had a steep price in financial, food and other aid. The PA has decades of experience in manipulating Washington, and is acutely aware not only of the value Obama, like his predecessors, puts on overseeing an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, but on his vaunted promises of a diplomatic "reset" with the Arab world. And the Palestinians have been effectively wielding Obama's clear commitment to realignment with the Muslim world like a diplomatic bludgeon against the White House and Israel ever since Obama took office.


The weekend before the autumn General Assembly meeting, as if there were any doubt remaining, it became painfully obvious that the U.S. Congress MUST decisively intervene with UN budgetary and international aid sanctions in defense of Israel, and enforcement mechanisms requiring that the Palestinians abide by previous international agreements for bilateral negotiations with Israel. The Obama administration has lost control of the situation utterly, and Congress must act.

On Saturday, the Palestinians were threatening Obama with warnings that should his administration veto their UN Security Council bid for statehood, they would retaliate against the U.S. and the world – that it would "destroy" the two-state solution to the conflict.

"Anyone who supports the two-state solution should back the Palestinian effort [at the UN]," insisted chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Senior PLO official Zakariya al-Agha pressed further, by reminding Obama that in September of 2010 "he promised" that a Palestinian state would be established in one year. Clips of that Obama speech are running in PA ads promoting the UN initiative.

The warnings came just hours after Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas aggressively confirmed in a speech in Ramallah that on Friday, September 23 he will address the UN General Assembly, after which he will submit to the Security Council an official application for full UN membership for "Palestine."


With UN betrayal of Israel and abrogation of Resolution 242 rolling forward like a juggernaut, it is clear Israel's survival as a Jewish state is NOT on Obama's agenda. The priorities for Obama have been and remain improved regional relations with the Arabs at literally any cost (the fatuous "reset" gambit), and the destruction of the Netanyahu government in favor of a left-wing successor. The Obama Administration has been belligerent and aggressive against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's refusal to surrender control of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to Israel's sworn enemies. Netanyahu has insisted that Israel must have defensible and negotiated borders, and that the Arab Palestinians must acknowledge the right of the Jewish state to exist.

Obama demands only capitulation and concessions from Israel, with efforts at coercion, bullying, and intimidation.

Taking a page from the Clinton playbook, it is now reported that career American political hack Stan Greenberg has been working to develop protests against the Netanyahu government in Israel. In the 1990's Clinton sent strategists, including Greenberg, to Israel to "assist" the election campaign of leftist Ehud Barak in an ultimately successful ploy to derail the first term of Netanyahu as prime minister.


Obama wants at the very least a leftwing government in power in Israel that will give him the pro-Palestinian concessions he is demanding. There is an active campaign to delegitimize and isolate Israel – and the White House is maliciously complicit in it, if not directly responsible. If you do not stand up to defend our vital ally Israel, and halt the disastrous course of Obama's policies, the United Nations and Barack Obama soon could be sending American troops to BEAR ARMS AGAINST THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST – AGAINST GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE – AND ENFORCE AN ILLEGITIMATE PALESTINIAN "STATE" UPON THE PROMISED LAND OF ERETZ ISRAEL!


In just a matter of days, the United Nations Security Council will exercise a recommendation vote to the General Assembly on a rogue demand for membership of a Palestinian state within Israel. And so far, Barack Hussein Obama rice_arab_gatheringhas directed U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice to signal at most weakness and ambivalence, if not out-right betrayal of our staunchest Middle Eastern ally, the region's only democracy – Israel.

Ambassador Rice receives her marching orders from the same Barack Obama who bows to the king of Saudi Arabia and accepts illegal campaign contributions from shadowy agents of Arab terror on the Gaza Strip. Without immense pressure from patriots like you upon Congress and the Obama administration, I believe Obama will allow a UN vote to empower violent Islam at Israel's expense!

Our closest Middle East partner is already repelling rocket attacks from Arab Palestinians nearly every day. According to a Reuters News Agency report, "Israeli aircraft struck militant outposts in Gaza as Palestinians fired rockets…" in the ongoing struggle Israel faces to defend her people encircled by hostile Arab forces.

This incident follows "deadly gun attacks along the desert border with Egypt that have raised tensions between Israel and the new [Muslim Brotherhood] rulers in Cairo."

You know when an ally is assaulted in such a manner true partners will race to aid their friends. obama_abbasSo who does the Barack Obama White House rush to aid? The Palestinian Authority and their terrorist thug cohort, Hamas!

Reuters went on to report that "Hamas gunmen in Gaza said they were calling off a de facto truce in force with Israel… paving the way for a further violent escalation." All observers anticipate a massive Palestinian intifada (uprising) soon.


How much blame can be assigned to Obama for these new events? The culpability that can be ascribed to amateur foreign policy versus abject complicity with the Islamists, no one knows for sure. But the fact remains that Barack Obama bears a considerable measure of responsibility both for Israel's turmoil and the debacle at the UN – and things are only going to get worse.

Whatever the outcome of the sham "statehood" battle, NOW the stakes for Israel are raised, the prospects for violence much greater, and the pressure intensified from the United Nations to force Israel into surrendering sovereign, strategically vital territory to her Arab-Palestinian attackers. Only the United States, through a UN Security Council Veto, can stop the Israel-hating United Nations from decimating God's Chosen People.

The United Nations is preparing for an illicit and immoral vote designed to force Israel to forfeit land to the terrorist front Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Barack Obama by all indications and reports is duplicitously supporting this homicidal plan. CONGRESS MUST ACT!


If UN member states approve this violation of UN Resolution 242 and vote in support of a forced transfer of Israeli sovereignty and territory to Hamas – and NOT bi-laterally negotiated settlement with Israel – we will surely be witness to an intifada (violent Arab-Palestinian uprising) of massive scale, if not an outright Arab-Israeli war that engulfs the Middle East.

But the United States STILL has the power, the moral obligation AND the strategic imperative to stop this travesty. WE CAN ensure Israel's safety and sovereignty simply by ANNOUNCING NOW, UNEQUOVICALLY, THAT ANY SUCH UN VOTE MUST PASS THE SECURITY COUNCIL, AND THE U.S. WILL NOT ONLT VETO IN SECURITY COUNCIL the UN member nations' duplicitous motion – WE WILL WIELD FISCAL AND DIPLOMATIC SANCTIONS AGAINST THOSE MEMBER STATES WHO VIOLATE RESOLUTION 242.

Yet Barack Obama PERSISTS  in widely signaling that this is not his intention. Rather, he has exerted great pressure on Israel, and would apparently risk a terrible conflagration in order to see Israel forfeit her land to Islamic factions that are publicly dedicated to her complete and utter destruction.

Never before has a U.S. President so willfully and flagrantly IMPERILED an ally, INSULTED a friend, and ABANDONED HONOR by violating our long standing treaties. Never before has a U.S. President delivered a loyal and stalwart champion of democracy and liberty to her violent and tyrannical enemies. Yet, that is exactly what Barack Hussein Obama intends to do.


Tension and violence make up a way of life for Israeli citizens in Palestinian neighborhoods. And the response at the United Nations is to legitimize the very terrorists who are raining down bloodshed upon one of America's dearest friends.

palestinians_celebrate_911And if you and thousands of other American patriots do not act NOW, undergird Declaration Alliance with means to gain widespread public pro-ally, pro-Israel, pro-common sense support, and compel Congress to STAND WITH ISRAEL then, any day, the UN may make subversive Palestinian statehood – unnegotiated with Israel and irrespective of Israeli security requirements – a deadly reality. (This image at the right displays Palestinians celebrating over the 9/11 bombings.)

This means a Palestinian "state" could then initiate terror attacks in Jerusalem or on disputed territory, and Israel's defensive actions would be branded aggression against a UN "member state" – and under a "Uniting for Peace" General Assembly Resolution vote, blue-helmeted "peacekeepers" would invade Israel's sovereign lands.

United States troops, under the new-world-order command of the United Nations, could be ordered to invade Israel! And Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) would indeed be battling alone against the world.

As one of President Ronald Reagan's ambassadors to the United Nations, I remember gatherings that literally fulfilled the Holy Bible's vision of the day when all the nations of the world will come together against Jerusalem. More than once, it seemed, the prophesy of Zechariah would have come to pass…

Except for the righteous vote of the United States of America, the vote I was privileged to cast, that stood with Israel.

Now, however, that vote is gone – unless you and other right-minded Americans immediately act with faith, courage, conviction and resolve to Stand With Israel!


With Barack Hussein Obama deciding how the United States negotiates and votes in the United Nations, our deterring military might – capable to keep the most bloodthirsty enemy at bay – no longer sides with our long-time ally and friend. Under Obama's overt pro-Islamic prejudice, America's foreign policy has made a complete about-face against the tiny Jewish state, in favor of Arab expansionism!

The United States, under his tyrannical direction, now is acting more like a foe than a friend of the embattled Jewish nation. This puts Israel in grave strategic jeopardy and America in mortal danger – of shamefully and calamitously betraying our crucial ally, and of inviting the Divine wrath and judgment of the biblical God for this craven act.

Even as I send this urgent message to you, Barack Obama is effectually lobbying European nations to abandon Israel in support of a rogue Palestinian state. The ruling Palestinian Authority has formed a new "unity government" with the terrorist front Hamas – the Palestinian version of the bloody and violent al-Qa'ida.

And now this recognized terrorist organization – a self-described link forging the "Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion" – enjoys a seat at the international diplomatic table, welcomed there by none other than Barack Obama and his anti-Israel, pro-Islamist faction.


My friend, time is short! The United Nations Security Council is set to vote on Palestinian statehood – and Israeli isolation – in just a matter of days! The Israeli Defense Forces are already preparing for the worst… not just Palestinian uprisings, but that Arabs will storm over the border with Syria into the strategically vulnerable Golan Heights.

Barack Obama's foreign policy – pushing Palestinian statehood onto sovereign Israeli territory that is Biblical Jewish homeland and leaving Israel indefensible short of total war – has created a powder keg in the Middle East. And the UN vote just days away could likely be the spark that will set the region aflame. Already, according to a recent poll, over 70% of Palestinians "expect a third intifada (uprising) to begin this autumn."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the IDF, and even Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, are extremely concerned about the grave condition that will be caused by the UN vote. But Barack Obama's foreign policy extremism has created a do-or-die situation at the United Nations and in the Middle East.

We need an AVALANCHE of faxes into Congress and the State Department DEMANDING that the U.S. CONGRESS WIELD FISCAL AND DIPLOMATIC SANCTIONS AGAINST MEMBER STATES THAT VOTE TO VIOLATE UN RESOLUTION 242!  DEMAND U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan E. Rice stand honor-bound in the defense of Israel, one of America's most reliable allies.

A Palestinian state formed without negotiation with Israel, which unilaterally seeks to coerce shared borders and indefensible encroachment on the sovereign territory of Israel, will only exacerbate the tension and violence that already exists in the region. In fact, it may well be designed to ignite war to achieve the Arab's long-desired end of the state of Israel, period.


Time is of the essence if DA and pro-Israel patriots like you are to turn the tide of this plot to isolate and attack Israel. You and DA have to pressure Congress and Ambassador Rice immediately to do the right thing – vote a resounding, American 'VETO' for Palestinian statehood – and not bend to the pro-radical Islam, anti-ally stance of Barack Obama.

Without your faxed petition, the voice of reason may never reach Congress or Ambassador Rice to sway sane policymakers who still foolishly continue to tolerate this reckless course.

Please also consider a generous gift to help Declaration Alliance as we work with our pro-Israel coalitions to STAY STRONG and STAND STRONG with our ally Israel, as we always STAND TALL in defense of the U.S. Constitution. A gift of $1000, $500, or $100 will go a long way to alerting other Americans of the urgent need to defend our solid Israel partnership!

Whatever your budget will allow – even just a $75, $50, or $35 gift along with your petition will make a difference, and know that every amount will be used to help stop this nefarious vote for Palestinian statehood – a vote that will wreak turmoil on one of America's closest allies.

Thank you for your prayers and financial commitment. Barack Obama and his unholy pressure on Israel must be stopped.

Above all, pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

P.S. Israel's Defense Force is already preparing for the worst! Please stand with Declaration Alliance as we demand a U.S. Security Council "VETO" that will force the United Nations to stand down on the impending vote for an Israel-imperiling, region-wrecking Palestinian state.


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