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It is so vital you sign up to receive alerts and stay informed about this crisis. We need you engaged in combating the present efforts to undermine and destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Violent unrest is erupting in city after city across the destabilized, jihad-roiled Middle East. Around the world, Jewish institutions and Israeli embassies are being attacked, ransacked and burned to the ground — even where the Israelis have standing treaties as with Egypt. It is clear to all with eyes to see that Eretz Israel and the Jewish people are in mortal danger.

The UN plans an overtly provocative, illegal and immoral vote to unilaterally recognize a "state" of Palestine in September, 2011. Such a declaration of Palestinian statehood will be an illegal act in violation of the letter and spirit of UN Security Council Resolutions 242 (enacted 1967) and 338 (enacted 1973). These binding resolutions mandate a negotiated settlement of the dispute with Israel with "secure and recognized boundaries."

America must not permit, nor be in any way complicit with, such an existential threat to Israel. America must not permit, nor be in any way complicit with, such a fundamental betrayal of the Jewish people's God-given and natural right to exist.

If the United States delegation does its duty NOW and Congress moves forcefully in defense of Israel, with rigorous sanctions to punish this attack against the Jewish state, the greatest geopolitical disasters from Palestinian and international aggression may yet be averted.

The United States MUST issue a clarion statement that it WILL VETO in the Security Council ANY attempt to recognize Palestinian state status, unless and until negotiated, mutually-acceptable agreements are signed by the state of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Furthermore, the most severe financial and political sanctions will be levied by the U.S. Congress against the UN, and endorsing member states, should non-member state status be voted in defiance of the Security Council.

America must wield a strong hand to prevent all-out war in the Middle East. The UN General Assembly can circumvent the U.S. Security Council veto and recognize the Palestinians as a non-member state with diminished, but still very significant and harmful representation within the international body. The Palestinian "state" would then have observer status, be able to participate more fully in debates and propaganda within the UN, and strategically deploy the resources of UN internal international organizations in its attacks upon the Jews. A telling example would be access to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. A Palestinian non-member state would be on a "fast track" to full member state status and its capacity for harm to Israel with "peace-keeping" UN troop deployments and all manner of mischief would become greatly magnified.

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